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Welcome to my mad little world, full of colour and beautiful people


Friday, 2 December 2011

Welcome to my mad little world, full of colour and beautiful people

                                                         Edward Chitticks and Paige Hartley

every day I drew as a child, then in my teens I realised that my life would 
                     involve design and art In some way. I love creating things that make
                    people smile or think twice.

One love of my life is the peter pan of the photography world. Tim Walker
Delicious colour and content and beautiful places.

This used to be a favourite of mine. a good friend bought me this picture 
on a post card. Then I bought 'Pictures' by tim walker.

my list of photographers ranges far but they always have something 
similar for me.

Ellen Von Unswerth


Currently my favourite picture. its all in the eyes.

Ellen created some beautiful shots of Emma Watson.

some of my best photoshoots happen when people with different
ideas collide, one of my favourites was when i was working with
secret sirens of london. 1920's to 1970's vintage wear and jewellry.   

Emily Hill.

Paige Hartley.

Photographers I like. 

Bruno Dayan.

  one of the first photographers I ever researched
 was julia margret cameron.

She was one of the first female photographers in england and one of the best in the world.
the picture below is one of hers, the subject is a girl called Alice Lidell, the supposed alice in wonderland from the lewis caroll stories, Alice was a child of his friends, he wrote peices of the book whilst staying with them at the family home.

Photo journalism is wonderful and it would be great to be in the right place at the right time, but for myself, i like having lots of control over the subject, light, styling and the objecvtive to set my camera to the desired settings without having to compromise on the situation.

Margret Bourke White

self Portrait

Dianne Arbus

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