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Friday, 2 December 2011

Got home today and had a flick through some magazines, Have had an odd Love of perfume adverts lately-

I love both of these.

the DKNY ad is my favourite, beautiful idea.

Have had a few ideas recently for shoots when it snows, Will need to buy pops or Hills an extra special Christmas present if they do what I want them too...

In my opinion Rosie Huntingdon Whitely is currently the most beautiful girl on earth. 
by Rankin

I also find Rankin wonderfully odd.

He has done some beautiful stuff, The shoot with the powder paints are really nice.
I also must add that watching Rosie in Transformers was the high light of the film. Delicious.

It was my Grandad that first convinced my parents to buy me a camera, I had been taking Pictures of my little sister on my phone, Dressing her up and going into the garden, This is probably the first picture I ever took on  my very own photo shoot.

Bare in mind I was only 13 at this point, I used to constantly dress up my sister, I remember not knowing how to apply fake eyelashes and actually hair sprayed them to her face. she was unimpressed and blurry to say the least.

One of the easiest things in the world is to Shoot Paige Hartley. I started taking her photographs when she was fifteen. she is now eighteen and feels every bit my own little girl.

Paige Hartley

My other Golden Girl is Emily Hill.
Emily has something very unique about her, there is a girl next door innocence but she is cheeky. very very cheeky.


She has the ability to look thirteen or 23 years old
Emily's older brother Elliot has the same cheek bones.

I like doing shoots when there's a theme or obvious style, never underestimate the generosity of shop keepers in Frinton - Chris in the Art Deco Shop is amazing, lending me props for shoots.
last summer he let me borrow diamant√© snake jewellery.



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