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Monday, 8 April 2013

Dewy Skin

This entire shoot was to try and do a set make up for dewy skin, I wanted a glowing, youthful, sexy look, my model (Robyn) is only 17 so the youth thing was already sorted but, there you go.

All I did was cover her T zone in illuminating serum from L'Oreal, then went over her eyes, cheek bones and cupids bow with L'Oreal Highlighter pen, added night time moisturiser from Olay all over. Padded over her eyes with 'permanent taupe' from Maybelline. Then added MAC Opulash Optimum Black Mascara and topped off her lips with a colour sensation- Maybelline again, (orange/blush) colour. This is the most important bit! I covered her eyes up to her eyebrows in HAIR SERUM. this is why it has that very shiny wet look over her lids. It does not fall in the creases like vaseline does- for shoot only, dont get this stuff in your eyes! All base was applied with hands.

 Up close of Robyns eye

 I will add, I put A LOT of moisturiser on Robyn.
Her Hair was spritzed with a little bit of hair spray and tousled.

 Model. Robyn Wiggins
MUA.Becky Long
Photography. Becky Long

 Model. Robyn Wiggins
MUA.Becky Long
Photography. Becky Long
Thank you to the gorgeous Miss Wiggins x

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